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Metrohm Applicon ADI 2040

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Metrohm Applikon ADI 2040 yoc 2008

The Metrohm Applikon ADI 2040 Process Analyzer is a multipurpose wet chemical analyzer that has been designed to offer flexibility and withstand the harshest environments. It makes use of proven analytical techniques, like titration, colorimetry and dynamic standard addition with ion selective electrodes.

The ADI 2040 can be loaded with several analysis packages by flash card and can thus be adapted to specific process analysis requirements. One or more of the following methods can be chosen:
Titration, for many different applications
Karl Fischer titration for water determination in liquid samples (oil, methanol, glycol, etc.)
Colorimetry, predominantly used in water quality analysis & plating solutions
Dynamic standard addition, for analyses which use ion sensitive electrodes
Direct measurement, for measuring physical parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature

Data from auxiliary devices such as density, flow, turbidity, etc. may be imported through the analog input ports. Standard the ADI 2040 can handle 4 (different) electrodes or sensors; extension to 8 is possible. The possibility to choose a combination of methods means that in many cases just one single ADI 2040 will fulfill all analysis requirements.