Baumann Wafer inspection unit GP Solar Q-cam Semilab WMT-3

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Baumann Wafer inspection unit

Semilab WMT-3
Resistivity, Thickness
Inline, 3 measurement heads
Non contact method: eddy currents
Thickness and resistivity measurement
(Integration into stack splitter)

Samples to be measured: Monocrystalline, Multicrystalline and Cast-Mono wafers and cells, Square or pseudo square
Wafer size: 100 ... 156 mm
Camera model: 4M Matrix, optional 11M Matrix
Defect resolution: 80 µm / 60 µm
Measured features: Geometry (Edge lengths, Edge Angles, Chamfer lengths, Diagonals), Contour and surface defects (type, length, depth, area), Chipping defects (width, height, area)
Stand Still time: 25 ms / 25 ms
Minimum cycle time: 1 s
Geometrical and surface wafer inspection
Intrusions into the outer contour :150 µm
Chipping: 300 µm
General surface defects: 2 mm
Cracks and holes: 200 µm

Note: including handling unit (chamber) with conveyors, computer etc
more pictures on request