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Branson 2510E MTH ultrasoon reiniger

€ 0,00
Bruto gewicht: 10,00 Kg

Nette Goedwerkende ultrasoon reiniger van Branson

Model 2510E MTH
bouwjaar 2009
Inclusief nen 3140 keuring tot 2016

Tank capacity, l 2.8
Operating level, l 2.6
Tank: (wxdxh),mm 240x140x100
External(wxdxh),mm 338x295x305
Weight, kg 4.1
Power use, W 130With heating, W 239Frequency kHz 40

Bransonic 2510 2.8 litre tankUltrasonic bath with heat and mechanical timer (MTH)
Ultrasonic Cleaning is faster than many conventional methods for the removal of contaminants from products. Ultrasonic energy penetrates into crevices and cavities and in many cases is the only way to meet stringent quality specifications. Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation, the rapid formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles. This violent collapse, along with the cleaning chemistry, scrubs every wetted surface. The deep cleaning action of ultrasonics removes the most stubborn contamination, even from blind holes and internal surfaces; heat enhances this process. The Bransonic cleaners now include the same high power, rugged transducers fitted on industrial systems. Coupled with a new sweep frequency capability provides the best cleaning every time.
MT (Mechanical Timer) has a timer switch, which can be set for up to 60 minutes and has a setting for continuous cleaning.