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Applikon ADI 2003 Alert Ion Analyzer

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Applikon ADI 2003 Alert Ion Analyzer
Type Analytical 200 Z
This low-cost ISE based Analyzer is available for the most common applications and standard ranges and optional for one or two streams. The Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) method ensures optimum accuracy and data reliability.


Dynamic Standard Addition method minimizes interference.
Automatic calibration using only one concentrated (long lasting) standard.
Validation of every analysis result.
Wide calibrated measuring range (1,5 decades)

Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Measurements

A very common method of measuring specific ions in solution taking advantage of the Nernst equation. Care must be taken due to interferences, temperature/matrix effects and drift of electrodes when using ISE data. Metrohm Applikon uses the Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) method on all ISE measurements to remove all inaccuracies and validate each and every result as correct, giving confidence and reliability as standard.