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laboratorium incubator Termaks gekoelde incubator

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Termaks incubator

This incubator is well suited to do experiments at different constant temperature levels. Moreover, simple temperature profiles consisting of a sequence of ramps and constant levels are possible as well.
The Termaks environmental chambers are developed to meet needs for simultaneous control of temperature, humidity and light. A microprocessor-based controller makes the chambers easy to operate.


  • Temperature control:

Temperature fluctuation/time +/- 0.1°C
Temperature variation/interior +/- 0.2°C
Readability/setability 0.1°C
The temperature range is 0 - 70 °C.
Display LCD

  • Timer:

Number of setpoints 4
Number of changes per cycle 16
Stop time, max number of hours 168

  • Languages:

All messages may be displayed in four different languages.

  • Power:

230V 50 Hz 1600W

  • Dimensions:

Overall size 1010mm x 800 mm x 1780 mm
Internal Size 585mm x 600 mm x 1120 mm
Volume 400L

  • Microprocessor Controlled Components:

Door heat
Heater for dehumidifier
Ultrasonic humidifier
2 light groups
Defrosting valve for dehumidifier.

Further Details:
The cabinet contains a microprocessor based controller.
The cooling system cools a glycol bath. The glycol is circulated through a radiator inside the cabinet by a pump. The temperature in the cabinet is kept on the setpoint by adding heat to the glycol via the immersion heater. This method of temperature control results in a minimum of dehumidification.
A fraction of the cooling capacity is used to cool the dehumidifying coil inside the cabinet. The dehumidifying capacity of this coil is optimized by the humidity controller via an heater. This method of dehumidifying results in a minimum of water consumption.
To avoid refrigeration compressor damage, the restart after a power failure or a setpoint change is delayed
All interior parts are made of stainless steel while the exterior is made of electroplated steel coated with a grey polyester/epoxy coating (RAL 7035)
Accurate temperature throughout the environmental chambers and a low circulation of air inside the chamber is obtained by conduct system which keeps most of the air stream outside the working chamber.

Termaks KBP-6395F Environmental Chamber
Glass Inner Door
3x Stainless Steel Shelves

Voor informatie +31 612 943159